What Subsequent Means?

What is an example of subsequent?

The definition of subsequent is happening or coming after something or someone else.

An example of subsequent is heavy winds that come after a hurricane has left an area.


What does subsequent pay date mean?

Related Definitions Subsequent Payment Date means the Third Installment Date and the first Business Day of each calendar quarter thereafter, commencing with the second calendar quarter after the Third Installment Date.

What is subsequent payment testing?

(b)  Subsequent payment testing – Vouching payments after balance date to invoices to verify invoices dated prior to year-end are included in payables. In layman’s term, after year-end, look at the payment and vouching back  There are two important types of processes that impact on the balance of payables: 1.

What is a subsequent marriage?

In many states of the U.S., a written agreement between parties to live together as man and wife and followed by cohabitation is considered a common law marriage. …

Does subsequent mean before or after?

adjective. occurring or coming later or after (often followed by to): subsequent events;Subsequent to their arrival in Chicago, they bought a new car. following in order or succession; succeeding: a subsequent section in a treaty.

What is another word for subsequent?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for subsequent, like: succeeding, following, subsequent to, next, previous, consecutive, antecedent, time, earlier, consequent and ensuing.

What is subsequent payment mean?

Subsequent Payments means any amounts released from the Reserve Account to the Purchaser pursuant to the [Sale and Servicing Agreement] or [Pooling and Servicing Agreement] at such time as the Purchaser receives such amounts. + New List.

What is subsequent month?

adj occurring after; succeeding.

What is subsequent learning?

A. a period which learning or practice of a behavior does not occur.

What is a subsequent day?

adj occurring after; succeeding.

How do you use subsequent in a sentence?

His illness was subsequent to his wife’s death….Those concerns were overshadowed by subsequent events.This will be discussed in subsequent chapters.Memory can be profoundly shaped by subsequent experience.Subsequent events proved me wrong.The story will be continued in subsequent issues of the magazine.More items…•

How do you use subsequent?

You use subsequent to describe something that happened or existed after the time or event that has just been referred to. …the increase of population in subsequent years. He subsequently worked on Boeing’s 747, 767 and 737 jetliner programs.

What does subsequent purchase mean?

Subsequent Purchase means each Purchase other than the Initial Purchase.

What does subsequent action mean?

Subsequent Action means any claim, judicial or administrative action, or proceeding, arbitration or investigation involving the Company and in any manner arising out of, under or related to any activity or occurrences subsequent to the Closing. + New List.

What is a subsequent treatment?

Subsequent therapy (subsequent treatment) is defined as therapy that is administered after the first course of therapy is completed, stopped, or changed.