Quick Answer: What Is In The Crate In Riverdale?

What’s the drug called in Riverdale?

In Season 2, the CW’s teen drama has not only introduced a roving serial killer, but also an illicit party drug known as “jingle-jangle”: a white powder served in Pixy Stix-like straws that delivers an energetic, euphoric high to its users..

Why did the Riverdale Reaper kill the family?

It was later revealed that the Reaper was Louis Cooper who murdered the Conway family after they blackmailed him and had his son manipulate Joseph into pointing out the wrong man.

Does Kevin get killed in Riverdale?

Season Three The Shadow Lake Boys were bribed by Hiram Lodge to help frame Archie for murder. Once Veronica started piecing this together, Hiram ordered Sheriff Minetta to shoot them. Kevin’s former love interest was found dead in season three, branded with a Gryphons and Gargoyles symbol that means “sacrifice”.

Why does Betty kill Jughead?

So there’s no world in which Betty would purposely harm Jug. But in episode 11, Donna (Sarah Desjardins) tells Betty that Evelyn (Zoé De Grand Maison) gave her a trigger word that would hypnotize Betty into hurting the people she loves. … From the looks of it, Betty was hypnotized by Donna into killing Jughead.

Did Reggie and Josie date?

In the first part of Season 3, both Josie and Reggie had increased screen time compared to previous seasons, but the relationship had ended off-screen and fans were angry that they got to share more time together on-screen now that they were no longer romantically involved and that it was teased with no payoff …

What is Betty’s magic word in Riverdale?

tangerineIt turns out that “tangerine” wasn’t the only hypnosis trick Evelyn had programmed into Betty; there’s another magic word that puts Betty in a fugue state and ready to take out those she loves most.

What really is the farm on Riverdale?

The Farm is actually an organ farm masquerading as a hippy-dippy wellness cult. Edgar Evernever (Chad Michael Murray) stole someone’s heart. All of this is probably connected. Wednesday night’s latest Riverdale episode, “The Dark Secret of Harvest House,” truly may be a series-best.

Who does Josie date in Riverdale?

Archie is there for Josie as she applies to Julliard. One thing leads to another and they kiss. They start dating and have fun, until Archie wants a more serious commitment from Josie.

Why does Edgar Evernever want Betty?

After a bit more digging, Betty discovers that Evelyn is actually not Edgar’s daughter… but actually his wife! … Betty tells her mom that Edgar is already married to Evelyn, but Alice is creepily OK with a sister-wives scenario, and Edgar tries to convince Betty to stop resisting and just join The Farm.

Is Cheryl in love with Josie?

Cheryl’s drawing of her and Josie It was later revealed that Cheryl was, in fact, Josie’s secret admirer.

Who does Tony date on Riverdale?

History. Cheryl and Toni have very little history as the two had never interacted with one another prior to the Riverdale Drag Race, where Cheryl took Toni’s place as flag girl for the race between Archie, Jughead and the Ghoulies.

What was under the tarp in Riverdale?

Riverdale had another serial killer back in the day? At a roadside diner, Jughead peeks under the tarp and spots some blood… but it’s just a dead deer. … Penny admits she made up the attack, and then shows Jughead some surveillance video of him and Archie carrying the mystery crate.