Quick Answer: What Drinks Are Safe During Pregnancy?

Can pregnant lady drink soft drinks?

Caffeine consumption may affect your baby’s growth during pregnancy.

Limit your consumption of caffeinated drinks while pregnant (<200mg caf- feine/day).

Caffeine is naturally occurring in tea, coffee, chocolate, and in many cola-type drinks.

Diet sodas often contain both caffeine and an artificial sweetener..

What juices are OK to drink while pregnant?

Citrusy drinks like lemon water and orange juice are a must-have for pregnant women.

What should I drink in the morning when pregnant?

Water. Make H20 your default drink during pregnancy (and all the time, really!). … Low-fat milk. … Ginger tea. … Seltzer. … Fruit and veggie smoothies.

Is Cranberry Juice Good for pregnancy?

You can safely drink cranberry juice in all trimesters of pregnancy. As an herbal remedy, cranberries are linked to UTIs because they may help prevent bacteria from sticking to the sides of the bladder and urinary tract.

What can I drink besides water while pregnant?

Healthy Alternatives to WaterSparkling water (try squeezing in some fresh citrus fruit for flavor)Pasteurized skim milk.Pasteurized soy and almond milk (barring any allergies)Freshly squeezed or pasteurized juices (juice has a lot of sugar, so drink in moderation)Coconut water.Herbal iced tea (no caffeine)Decaf coffee.

Which soft drinks are safe during pregnancy?

Coca‑Cola original taste.Coca‑Cola zero sugar.Diet Coke.Coca‑Cola Energy.Fanta.Oasis.Rose’s.Abbey Well.More items…