Quick Answer: How Many Years Does It Take To Finish ICAN?

How do I pass a ICAN case study?

Here are few steps to passing ICAN Case Study Examination:ASSUME ZERO KNOWLEDGE: …


BUILD YOUR REPORT FROM APPENDIX: Your report becomes clear and concise if it is built from the Appendixes.




How do I register as a chartered accountant?

A candidate can choose to pursue a Chartered Accountant (CA) course after completion of the 12th through the Foundation course option. If a person opts to pursue a Chartered Accountant course after graduation, they can directly register for the Intermediate course through Direct Entry option.

Is ICAN difficult to pass?

ICAN is just another exam that accounting and non accounting interested non accounting students will write to qualified as chartered accountant. Many see the exam as tough, and its on this note that we want to give hint on how to pass the exam. … ICAN will not deny you of your success if you merit it. 2.

How many times is ICAN written in a year?

Before the arrangement, ICAN exams are conducted twice a year which are May and November diets. Also in news, ICAN exam scripts will be scanned and stored in cloud while the marking will be done on-screen marking. The new study pack will be available on ICAN’s website from next week.

How do I pay for ICAN exams?

Pay Direct: Make payment into ICAN e-Collection Account through PAY DIRECT at any commercial bank branch nationwide. Collect your payment teller & receipt and proceed with your on-line registration as stated in (item 3) below. Payment of N300 bank charges is applicable and should be made in a separate teller.

How do I download ICAN study pack?

ICAN study packs The study packs are arranged in order of levels. Simply navigate to your current level and hit download button under each of the study packs to have them downloaded on your device.

What is the difference between ACCA and ICAN?

ACCA — Founded in 1904, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is the global professional accounting body offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification. ICAN — The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) is a professional accountancy body in Nigeria.

How do I pay for ICAN Online?

ICAN Registration StepsVisit any Fidelity or Zenith Bank to obtain PIN voucher at a non refundable fee.Log on to ICAN website with the information on the PIN voucher.Navigate and click on Students’ Professional Registration.Fill in all the required information of the form on the web page.More items…

Who can write ICAN exam?

Every graduate is qualified to take the ICAN examinations regardless of class of degree. You must have the following in place before you apply for ICAN: Your degree certificate from a University or your Higher National Diploma from any Polytechnic. Your O’level result with credits in five subjects.

How can I become a chartered accountant in Nigeria?

Steps To Becoming An Accountant In NigeriaStep 1: Obtain Valid Secondary School Education Certificate (SSCE) … Step 2: Obtain Tertiary Educational Degree in Accounting From A Recognized University. … Step 3: Obtain A Professional Accountancy Certificate. … Step 4: Attend Institute Of Chartered Accountants In Nigeria (ICAN)

How do you pass ICAN in one sitting?

START PREPARATIONS EARLY: One mistake that baby accountants make is that they do not start preparations on time. … TAKE YOUR MIND OFF EVERY OTHER THING: If you wish to pass ICAN exams, you have to focus on your goal. … MAKE SURE YOU FINISH THE STUDY PACK. … GET ENOUGH SLEEP. … STUDY PAST QUESTIONS. … LAST MINUTE ROUNDUPS.

Who is the youngest chartered accountant in Nigeria?

Akeem started ICAN just the next year, 1994, in his year 1 in UNILAG. By the time he celebrated his 21 Birthday in 1998, he was not only a graduate but a Chartered Accountant. He was one of the youngest persons to qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Nigeria.

How long does it take to be a chartered accountant in Nigeria?

three yearsIt takes at least three years to become a chartered accountant in Nigeria. Depending on the professional certification you are currently on.

How much is ICAN in Nigeria?

As an eligible applicant for ICAN registration, you are to: Pay a professional examination registration fee is ₦7000 (bank charges not included) by paying directly at any commercial bank in Nigeria, WEB-PAY or QUICK-TELLER on the ICAN website.

Can I finish ACCA in 2 years?

It is definitely possible to complete ACCA within 2 years, provided that you pass all the papers in one go and to ensure this, you’ll have to go for coaching classes of gold approved tuition provider. You can go for weekend coaching classes since you are working.

What are the requirement for ICAN?

Requirements for ICAN RegistrationA university degree or Higher National Diploma from any ICAN accredited Polytechnic.O level result with at least five (5) credits.A recent passport photograph.

How much does ICAN exam cost?

PROFESSIONAL EXAMINATION EXEMPTION FEES CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR FREE SUPPORT CLASSLevelsRates1 paper4 papersFoundation22,500.0041,100.00Skills31,700.0061,700.00Professional34,450.0068,200.00

What are the stages of ICAN?

There are 16 subjects with content that are both numerical and written, broken down into three stages; Foundation Level, Skills Level and Professional Level.