Quick Answer: Does Saudi Have Winter?

What are the winter months in Saudi Arabia?

Winter in Saudi Arabia peaks between December and January, however, it can extend up to a month either side.

Average temperatures during the season are a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius, but in certain regions, it can drop closer to zero degrees by night; January is definitely considered the coldest month..

What is the coldest month in Saudi Arabia?

JanuaryThe month with the lowest average high temperature is January (20.2°C). The month with the highest average low temperature is July (29.3°C). The coldest month (with the lowest average low temperature) is January (9°C).

Does Saudi Arabia have 4 seasons?

Weather to expect in Saudi The kingdom experiences four distinct seasons —from chilly winter breezes in January to peak desert heat in August —and a climate that varies between regions.

How cold does Saudi Arabia get?

Winters, from December to February, are cool, and frost and snow may occur in the southern highlands. Average temperatures for the coolest months, December through February, are 74 °F (23 °C) at Jiddah, 58 °F (14 °C) at Riyadh, and 63 °F (17 °C) at Al-Dammām.

Can you take a Bible to Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country in which Islamic law is strictly enforced. … However, the Saudi authorities accept the private practice of religions other than Islam, and you can bring a religious text into the country as long as it is for your personal use.

What is not allowed in Saudi Arabia?

Here are a few of the most important things banned in Saudi Arabia that you should definitely be aware of before arrival:Solo Females Out & About. … 2. Female Drivers. … Gender Restrictions in Employment. … Public Displays of Religious Beliefs – for all religions. … Public Physical Activity for Women. … Music Lessons in Schools.More items…•