Question: What Is A Female Troll?

Whats does trolling mean?

creating discordTrolling is defined as creating discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people by posting inflammatory or off-topic messages in an online community.

Basically, a social media troll is someone who purposely says something controversial in order to get a rise out of other users..

What a troll looks like?

A troll is a being in Scandinavian folklore, including Norse mythology. … Depending on the source, their appearance varies greatly; trolls may be ugly and slow-witted, or look and behave exactly like human beings, with no particularly grotesque characteristic about them.

How do you spot a troll?

Here’s how to spot the signs that someone is a troll, and how to handle them….Signs Someone Is TrollingOff-topic remarks: Completely going off-topic from the subject at hand. … Refusal to acknowledge evidence: Even when presented with hard, cold facts, they ignore this and pretend like they never saw it.More items…•

What are trolls afraid of?

Trolls were also said to be afraid of thunder, which had strong connections to the Norse god Thor, who made a great habit of slaying giants, trolls and other malicious creatures during his rule in Norse mythology.

How do you kill a troll?

So the best way to defeat a troll is by creating an environment of support and encouragement. They snark and whine, undermine and belittle. Counter that nonsense with loud, clear messages to the contrary. Build up herd immunity.

Is trolling a crime?

The trolls are also in a habit of intentionally posting the images of private areas, of the person, he is trolling. … The troll can be punished under section 67 of The Information Technology Act 2000, if he posts any offensive content on the internet.

What’s another word for trolling?

What is another word for trolling?amblingdriftingsaunteringstrollingwalkingwandering

What does Troll mean in slang?

In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts flame wars or intentionally upsets people on the Internet.

Are trolls good or bad?

Troll is a term used to describe various supernatural beings in Nordic folklore and storytelling traditions, and has roots in Norse mythology. Both appearance and characteristics can vary, but the creatures are often both dangerous and stupid. … Trolls were often described as strong, evil and dangerous giants.

Are trolls bad luck?

Trolls have been a part of folklore forever–as bad and mischievous creatures who lived in caves, in logs, and under bridges. Trolls are believed to be good luck, which certainly has helped the sale of troll dolls.

What are examples of trolling?

Trolls: Some ExamplesFraud. Internet trolling for monetary gain has been around a long time on the internet. … Building false hopes. In early 1998 an “announcement” was made, by email distribution, of an advancement in diabetic research: … Security Details. … Wanton Damage. … The Thrill of the Chase. … Conclusion.

Is being a troll illegal?

Trolling is not a crime under federal law. But under the laws of many states, harassment, stalking, and/or bullying are illegal. For more information, see Cyberbullying Laws by State.