Does Hong Kong Airport Have Showers?

Does Cathay Pacific provide hotel stay for long layovers?

For economy class passengers Cathay does not provide free meals or hotels during transit in Hong Kong.

You can make arrangements directly with the airport lounge on arrival.

For passengers with long layovers, you can take advantage of the Plaza Airport Lounge which is open to all..

Can I sleep in airport lounge?

Re: Is it OK to sleep in an airline lounge ? It’s OK. Some lounges have quiet rooms for this purpose, not sure where you are and haven’t been in an American club for a while.

Do I need transit visa for layover in Hong Kong?

1 Answer. According to the Immigration Department of the Hong Kong SAR: … If you are not leaving the airside transit area of the Hong Kong Airport, you will not require a visa. If you wish to leave the airport to explore the city, you will have to apply for it in advance in their pre-arrival registration portal here.

Is there hotel inside Hong Kong Airport?

Directly connected to the passenger terminal of Hong Kong International Airport via a two-minute walk, the Hotel is also in close proximity to the AsiaWorld-Expo Convention Centre.

Can I pay for airport lounge access?

In Canada, the three ways you’ll typically access airport lounges through your credit card are Priority Pass, American Express Centurion and traditional airline-specific lounges, such as Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge and the Mastercard Experience Lounges.

Where can I shower in Hong Kong airport?

Showers – Free showers are available in Terminal 1, Airside, Arrivals Level 5, near Gate 22 and near Gate 43. Hours: Open 24 hours. Showers are also available in a few of the lounges.

Where can I sleep at Hong Kong airport?

Sleeping in Hong Kong AirportTake the stairs near Gate 23 to a relaxation room with comfortable reclining seats. … A relaxing bed near Gate 214.Terminal 1, at Gate 26, there are some permanently-reclined lounge chairs located behind the bathrooms and water station, facing the tarmac.

Do I have to go through customs for a connecting flight in Hong Kong?

Assuming you are booked on connecting flights on the same airline or alliance (e.g. Cathay Pacific and American Airlines), your baggage will be checked through to Beijing. In that case, in Hong Kong, you will go through a security screening, but not through customs or immigration.

Is it OK to travel through Hong Kong airport?

Is it still possible to fly to Hong Kong? In general, yes. Airlines are still flying in and out of Hong Kong. However, when protesters occupied Hong Kong International Airport on August 11 and 12, nearly 1,000 flights were disrupted, according to the Airport Authority’s Lam Tin-fuk.

What is there to do at Hong Kong airport for 8 hours?

13 Things to do on a layover at Hong Kong AirportEat. Hong Kong is a foodie city – and you can experience a bit of that inside the airport. … Lounge. … Shop. … Shower. … Spa. … Play some (virtual) sports. … Enjoy a movie. … Golf.More items…

Are there showers in airports?

If your airport doesn’t have its own shower, head over to the airport hotel attached to the airport to see if they will let you use their gym/pool area for a fee. … Some of these lounges offer shower facilities, so for a reasonable fee you can shower and have a good breakfast before boarding your flight.

Is it safe to transit through Hong Kong?

We advise: Do not travel to Hong Kong.